■ Trade
Daisho mainly exports Japanese seafood to Hong Kong, Thai, Singapore, Vietnam, Dubai, etc. We also have strong suppliers of seafood in Russia, so that we import Russian seafood such as crabs, shrimps, etc and sell them.


■ Wholesale
Daisho primarily sells crabs wholesale to domestic suppliers and restaurants. We also can deliver crabs to customers’ stores.


■ Mail-order Business
Mail-order business will be only in Toda city, Saitama Prefecture and the places surrounding Toda city. Because we have to exam a large quantity of crabs every year and pick up excellent crabs to sell.


■ Overseas Marketing
Daisho cooperates with not only Japanese suppliers of food materials and food products, but also overseas suppliers to supply restaurants with high quality foodstuffs.


Frozen Seafood

Frozen seafood primarily comes from Okhotsk sea abundant in plankton.
Snow Crab
Snow crabs will be boiled, packed in cases, and then frozen immediately after being caught. These highly delicious snow crabs are recommended to any restaurants. Snow crabs are available for purchase throughout the year.
Blue King Crab / King Crab
Blue king crabs and king crabs will be processed  as the same way as snow crabs. The prices of blue king crabs and king crabs may change every season.
Lithodid is one of the kinds of king crab. It’s more delicious than king crab but very rare.
Sweet Shrimp
After being caught, sweet shrimps will be frozen immediately at the boat to keep gooey texture and deliciousness.
After scallops are unloaded in Hokkaido, only the adductor muscle of scallops will be processed. Scallop called “tamarei (玉冷)” is often used in foodservice and is also popular overseas.



Daisho provides a service of exporting live scallops.


Daisho cooperates with over 30 suppliers, so that we can handle any kinds of seafood. Please feel free to contact us if you have any seafood questions.