The main business of Daisho is to export crabs to overseas and to sell crabs wholesale in Japan. Daisho, an expert in crabs, sells over 100,000 kg of crabs every year.
Daisho ensures the balance between quality and price of crabs and then sells these precious crabs out without waste.
Flying fish, a logo of Daisho, implies not only “trade” which Daisho is expert in, but also “innovation.”
Daisho will do everything we can to change the stereotype of fishery, and help promote the growth of fishery.
<HP Creation /  WEB Consulting>
Daisho also provides services of website creation and web marketing, which can add value to customer’s product and can help increase product visibility in the market.
“I want to sell my products with a website.”
Daisho has heard your voice. Please feel free to contact us.
It will be an honor if Daisho’s know-how can help customers sell products.
We will do our best to create customer’s website and will also help customers develop the strategy of selling products.
Daisho provides a service of drawing LINE stamps and illustrations of books by President himself.
Good illustrations will catch consumers’ eyes and will help attract consumers to read the product information.
Daisho also provides a service of designing a costumed mascot character.
When customers promote their products, these illustrations may be the representatives or good helpers of products.

Resume of President
Hello! I am Takahasi Shota, the President of Daisho Fishery.
Since graduating from Tokyo University of Fisheries (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology), I have worked for fishery for nine years.
There are still many delicious fishes not known to the general public in this era of advanced distribution. As a “Fish Hunter”, I will continue to find you delicious fishes.
【 NAME 】                   髙橋 翔太  Takahasi Shota
【   BIRTH    】                    1983年4月21日
【   BIRTHPLACE   】        Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture
【 CERTIFICATE 】     Certificate of JAEE (JABEE水産技術者認定)
                                                Certificate of Fish Food Specialist Level 3                                                                                   (魚食スペシャリスト検定3級)
                                                Certificate of Bookkeeping Level 3 (簿記三級)
【 BACKGROUND 】    2002   Graduated From Makuhari Sohgoh High                                                                                     School    
                           2006    Graduated From Tokyo University of Fisheries
                           2006    Tsuzino Fishery. Charged in squid.
                           2008    Kaisin Trade. Charging in crab, shrimp, Arabesque                                                                   greenling, etc.
                           2010     Entered Fubo Trade because of transfer of business.                                                               Charged in selling fish and mail order.
                           2014     Quit from Fubo Trade because of the liquidation of                                                                  Fubo Trade.
                           2014     Established Daisho Fishery.